Tylers Services | SharePoint Development

Planning and Configuration

Tylers ltd. can help your business get the most from its available resources (people, data, and existing technologies). By configuring and customising SharePoint for your organization, your company and your staff can store information -everything from common tasks to business intelligence information to making it easy to keep track of what colleagues are doing. That way collaboration and content management are supported.

Document Management

SharePoint offers features that help your company manage documents. Our SharePoint development team can configure your SharePoint to manage documents in the most efficient manner by building a scalable and flexible SharePoint Document Management and Automation System that will be adaptable to your organizations growth. By doing so, the document management capabilities enables you to do the following: Store, organize, and locate documents.

Publishing Infrastructure

Our experience in this area enables us to recommend and propose the most suitable infrastructure with unlimited functionalities to support SharePoint deployment. Irrespective of the complexity of the software solution being developed, we know the best infrastructure for you.


Microsoft SharePoint is a big, complex product. Everyone needs a little SharePoint help once in a while. Apart from development, our dedicated team of SharePoint administrators, SharePoint developers and SharePoint architects provide support to resolve your SharePoint problems through Skype.